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Bathukamma Festival History Notes:

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Bathukamma Festival  is a colorful Floral festival celebrated by Telangana Women. Bathukamma festival represents the importance of telangana culture. This festival is celebrated with exotic colorful flowers , from the last 3 years it has been became Telangana cultural Identity. There is an old saying that this festival is celebrated to Worship the Nature.

History of Bathukamma Festival:

There are lot of versions of stories about bathukamma festivals. We discuss each and every stories versions for better understanding of History of Bathukamma festival.

1.During the days of Kakatiya dynasty, people treat lakes as family member of their village. There is a rule that every village should have One lake for drinking water and other purposes. So there is a lot of importance for Lakes. If any village that doesn’t have any lakes brides from other villages not interested to make relation with that village grooms. That’s why the people used to worship the lakes with flowers in every year, because they believe that lakes are more important to their village.

2.On the other hand, Long time age a king called ” Dharmangada” belongs to the Chola Dynasty, he ruled entire south India. After making so many rituals and prayers to god they blessed with a daughter. They named as ” Lakshmi “. But Lakshmi faced so many accidents and health issues but she survived. So the king changed her name as ” Bathukamma” which means ” Bathuku- Life and Amma-Mother” in telugu.

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3.From the above story there is also another relating story with King ” Dharmangada”, king lost his 100 sons in war, after making prayers and rituals they blessed with daughter. This time pandits in Kingdom named her name as ” Bathukamma” so that she can live a long life. From her name “Bathukamma festival” celebrations are started.

4.The version of Bathukamma story is that “Goddess Gauri” who fought with the demon Mahishasura” and killed him. after this fight she tired and went to sleep. All Hindu gods and devotees prayed her to wake up. She woke up on Dasami day.

5.There is one more story version of bathukamma festival. Goddess Parvathi wife of Lord Shiva. She loves exotic colorful flowers. She used to collect seasonal flowers and arranged them in Hindu temple “Gopuram” manner. On the top this arrangement she kept a Turmeric Lump.


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