Chenchu Tribes Complete Notes

Chenchu Tribes Complete Notes:

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The Chenchu tribes are also called as “Adivasi” people who come under “Scheduled Tribe” in Telangana, Andhrapradesh, Karnataka and Odisha states. Chenchu tribe people lives in forest hill stations places. Chenchu tribes are major tribes in India. Chenchu tribes are mainly found in the districts of Mahaboobnagar, Nalgonda, Prakasam, Guntur and Kurnool in Telangana and Andhrapradesh states. Chenchu tribe way of living is hunting wildlife animals. They have separate “Chenchu language” which is very much related to Dravidian Language.

1.Occupation of Chenchu Tribes:

  • Chenchu tribe people will go for hunting rather than farming in forests. They will hunt wild animals and sell their meat to other Chenchu people.
  • Chenchu tribal people collect forest products like tubers, roots, beedi leaves, fruits, honey, mahua flowers, green leaves and tamarind and they sell it to traders and other government authorities for their income.
  • Chenchu tribe people hunt rabbits, deers, field rats, wild boar, field rats, wild cocks and birds. Both male and female Chenchu people will participate in hunting.

2. Chenchu’s Personality :

  • Chenchu tribe looks like medium height persons with long head , thick eyebrows with a flat nose.
  • They have curly jet hair and their body complexion is vary from wheat grey to brown with broad faces.
  • According their body structure we can clearly say that they are from “Astraloid tribe and Nigro tribe”.

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3. Chenchu Tribe Languages:

  • Chenchu tribe has their own language called as “ Chenchu language”
  • They speak in Chenchu language with telugu accent.
  • They also speak other languages like Chenchukoolam, chenswar , choncharu and Chenchwar.

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4.Chenchu tribe Religion:

  • Chenchu tribes worships Lord Bhagwan Taru , who lives in the sky and they trust the he’s always looks after Chenchu tribe people.
  • They also worships Lord Garelamai sama who is the goddess of the Entire forest, they trust the she is one who protects them from any danger in forest.
  • Chenchu tribes also worships Hindu gods Lord shiva ,Hanuman, Goddess of fire for Chenchu people safety and prosperity.
  • Chenchu tribe people believe in Supernatural powers they also practices supernatural powers to worship their gods.

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5. Chenchu tribes Death and Funeral traditions:

  • Chenchu tribes follow their old traditions while performing their people deaths and funerals
  • In their traditions there are two types of Funerals types.

                 1.Chinna- Dinal

                 2.Pedda- Dinal

  • Chinna- Dinal are performed in the case of death of any child or any unmarried person dies to health other any accidental issues Chinna-dinal are performed.
  • In Pedda-Dinal funeral traditions are performed for death of married persons in chenchu’s tribe.

6. Chenchu Tribe Village Counsils:

  • Chenchu tribes having their own village counsils authority, who governs and settles all matters, issues and they have right to punish the offenders in Chenchu tribes.
  • Chenchu village counsils is headed by Village headman also called as “Peddamanishi” in the village, they select village headman from their elderly Kin-groups from the village.

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7. Chenchu Marriage traditions:

  • Chenchu tribes still follows their own old traditions while performing marriages in Chenchu tribe.
  • Chenchu tribe follows Monogamous marriage tradition, in which each person is allowed to marry only Once in their life time.
  • Chenchu people don’t encourage child marriages. Normally they marry persons other than their tribes or nearby tribes.
  • Chenchu people have freedom to choose their bride or groom. They can express their feelings directly while selecting their bride or grooms.
  • They have easy divorce processes. If Chenchu women want to break their marriage, she should pay total expenses from starting of their marriage to husband.
  • If Chenchu women took divorce from her husband, she is not allowed marry another person until her ex-husband allows or after his death.


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