History of Telangana in telugu

Telangana History Proofs {Updated}

2 Minutes of Reading This Post was Last Updated:19th July, 2018Dear Telangana Aspirants: Telangana History proofs found from various books written by Great Telugu poets. These Proofs are basically for Various Telangana dynasties. From Satavahana Dynasty we found various “Shasanam’s” about Telangana History. And from Kakatiya Dynasty also there are so many Shasana’s which can strongly approve that Telangana […]

History of Telangana in telugu

History of Telangana in Telugu-తెలంగాణ చరిత్ర

2 Minutes of Reading This Post was Last Updated:11th July, 2018Dear Telangana Aspirants: History of Telangana in Telugu can be found from Various Books by Great poets. Telangana state ruled by the Satavahana’s dynasty, Kakatiya dynasty, Delhi Sultanate and Kutubshahi’s Dynasty. Telangana History proofs can be seen in Different “Shasanam’s” from various Dynasties. This notes will be useful for […]

telangana name origin , telangana name comes from

Telangana Name Origin – తెలంగాణ అనే పేరు ఎలా వచ్చింది

1 minute This Post was Last Updated:1st March, 2017Telangana Name Origin: Dear Telangana Aspirants, Telangana Name origin from “Trilinga Places” in Andhrapradesh and Telangana states. If we look at Telangana History we notice some important proofs about Telangana Name Origin. From the Telangana Map we can notice that Telangana state is exactly placed between these ” Trilinga […]

Old names of Telangana districts

Old Names of Telangana Districts 2018 [Updated]

3 Minutes of Reading This Post was Last Updated:1st November, 2018Telangana Districts Old Names Dear Telangana Aspirants, In this post, we are Providing notes on “Old Names of Telangana districts”. In this post, we highlight the different ancient names of Newly formed Telangana state districts. These type of questions are recently asked in Telangana TSPSC exams. So guys please […]