Harappa Civilization: Important Facts to Remember in 2020

Harappa civilization is one of the most important civilizations in the world. Harappa civilization is a part of Indus valley civilizations. Harappa city is located near Punjab, Pakistan. This city is named after a modern village name which is located near Ravi River.

This ancient Harappa civilization comes under the Bronze-Age Civilizations. James Lewis who is an American engineer first found Harappan city, this is the first city which is found in all civilizations.

In this post, we are Providing notes on “Harappa civilization Features”. Harappa seals found while an excavation of Harappa civilizations sites. In this post, we mainly discuss the Main features of Harappa civilization living styles and their culture. Harappans built their houses with burnt bricks and they are generally characterized based on the Buildings, Religious centres and administrative.

Harappa Civilization Facts:

  1. Harappa Civilization site was discovered by Rai Bahadur Dayaram Sahani in 1921 with the help of Sir John Marshall.
  2. Harappa Site was located on the left bank of Ravi River in Punjab.
  3. Six small Granaries and 16 Agnikundas (Firepits) were found here.
  4. In Harappan houses were built with burnt bricks.
  5. “H” type of cemetery was constructed at the end of the city.
  6. They made their own Seals with the steatite stones.
  7. They knew the process of making of Tar-coal.
  8. A copper specimen of Bullock Cart was found which is called as “Ekka”
  9. The main gates for the entry of houses were built in the north direction.
  10. Terracotta figurines of mother goddess have been found here.
  11. Harappan people used bronze and copper for making tools and Armaments but they don’t know the usage of Iron.
  12. They used Cotton for clothing and they know the process of dyeing of cloths.

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