Important Crops in India Part-1

Important Crops in India:

Dear Telangna Aspirants,

In this post we are Providing notes on “Important Crops in India Part-1”. India is famous for Producing different crops in the world. Some crops are only produced in Indian weather conditions. In this post we discuss the different crops that are produced by India and the Places which are famous.This notes will be useful for job aspirants , who are preparing for Groups,Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Police jobs in telangana state.This notes will definitely helps to you get perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

    •Rice is a tropical crop. West Bengal is the largest producer.
    •Other states which produces Rice- AP, UP, Punjab & Odisha.
    •Krishna Godavari delta basin is called “ Rice bowl of India”
    •International rice research institute is located at Manila (Philippines).
    •Central rice research institute is located at Cuttack( Odisha)
    •Directorate of rice research institute is located at Hyderabad(AP)
    •“Golden rice” is introduced by China

    •India is the world largest procures of Tea.
    •Assam is the largest producer in India.
    •Highest foreign exchange crop in India.
    •It consists of “Theine alkaloid”

•Wheat is sub-tropical crop
•UP is the largest producer.
•Punjab & Haryana occupies next position in producing.

•It is also called poor man’s food.
•Maize is also known as corn.
•It is a crop which is used both as food and fodder crop.
•Karnataka is the largest producer.

5.Sugar cane:
•It is a tropical as well as a sub-tropical crop.
•India is a second largest producer of sugarcane only after Cuba (sugar bowl of world).
•UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, AP, Bihar, Punjab & Haryana are the major sources.

•It is called as Kharif in North & Rabi in South areas.
•It consists of Alkaloid nicotine.
•AP is the largest producer in India (90%).

7.Oil seeds:
•India is the largest producer of oil-seeds in the world.
•Different oil seeds are grown covering approximately 12% of the total cropped area of the  country.
•Main oil-seeds produced in India are: groundnut, mustard, coconut, sesame, soya bean, castor seeds, cotton, linseeds, and sunflower.

8.Ground nut:
•India is the world largest ground nut producer.
•It is a khariff crop and accounts for about half of the major oilseeds produced in the country.
•AP is the largest producer of groundnut.

•India is the world largest mustard producers.
•Rajasthan is the india’s largest producer of mustard.

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