Indian Civilizations and Ancient Indian History

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Indian Civilizations and Ancient Indian History Notes:

Dear Telangana Aspirants,

Indian Civilizations, From the Ancient Indian History we found that there are small size civilizations are existed in Near by places of India. We all know that Indus valley civilization is the oldest civilization. And other civilizations like Mohenjo Daro, Lothal, Harappan Civilizations are also famous in ancient Indian history books. These small Indian civilizations are existed for less years. In this post we are giving complete information about Small Civilizations that are existed in Ancient History. We already Posted some important Indus Valley Civilization in India. In this post we focus on the different civilizations that are existed for less time and their importance in Indian history. This notes will be useful for job aspirants , who are preparing for Groups,Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Telangana Police jobs in telangana state.This notes will definitely helps to you get perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

1. Chanhudar Civilization:
•It was found on the banks of Indus River, Sindh region (Pakistan).
•It was only IVC site without Citadel
•A small inkpot was found
•Foot prints of dog chasing cat was discovered
•It is only site used curved bricks in construction.

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2. Amri Civilization:
•Discovered by RC Majumdar.
•It is the only site clearly exhibits the 4stages of IVC. The 4stages are
(a)Early Harappa stage
(b)Mature Harappa stage
(c)Later Harappa stage
•First rice cultivation was found here.

3. Kot Diji Civilization:
•Located on the banks of Indus river, Sindh(Pakistan).
•It was destroyed with fire.
•Copper and bronze bangles were found.

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4.Sutkagendor Civilization:
•It is western most outfit of IVC, located in Pakistan.
•IVC small port was located here.

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5.Dilbur and Makran Civilizations:
•Dilbur is modern Bahrain city.
•Both sites are trade exchange centers.

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6.Surkatoda Civilization:
•Horse skeletons found
•Earth quakes might be damaged the structures
•Jaw bone of horse which has been recovered in this site.

7.Kalibangan Civilization:
•Located on the banks of Ghaggar river, Ganganagar(Rajastan) was discovered In 1953.
•It was 3rd largest IVC site area wise, not as well planned or organise as mohenjodaro.
•Kalibangan means “Black bangles”
•It did not have a drainage system
•Situated in the valle of saraswathi river
•A number of firepits agikundas have been found here
•Round shaped granaries found here

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8.Dholavira Civilization:
•Discovered by RS Bisth in 1992.
•It is latest IVC site discovered in India situated in Gujarat.
•Dholavira shows all the three phases of harappan civilization.
•Most unique feature was it Is divided into 3parts.
(b)Middle town
(c)Lower town.

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