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Indian Constitution Sources are from Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Germany, South Africa, France and japan constitutions. Indian constitution sources are taken from Different countries constitution. Committees are appointed to find the best articles and amendments by studying other countries constitutions.

Drafting committees is managed by Dr B.R.Ambedkar and the other six members. In this post, we are Providing notes on “Indian Constitution Sources”. This notes will give information about the Indian constitution and its importance. In this post, we will discuss how the Indian constitution was adopted from the various countries and what points are adapted to the Indian constitution.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

1) Government of India act 1935:

  • Federal structure
  • Office of governor
  • Administrative details
  • Public service commissions

2) Constitution of Britain:

  • Two house system
  • A parliamentary system with cabinet/ministerial responsibility to  parliament
  • Principle of rule of law
  • Office of the speaker of Lok sabha and parliamentary privileges
  • Legislative procedures
  • Prerogative writs

3) Constitution of USA:

  • Written Constitution and preamble
  • Fundamental rights
  • Removal of supreme court & high court judges
  • Judicial review & independence of the judiciary
  • President as supreme commander of armed forces
  • Impeachment of president
  • Vice president as ex-officio chairmen of the council of states.

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4) Constitution of Canada:

  • Distribution of powers between union and states and placing residual powers with the center.
  • Federal set up with a strong centre.
  • Appointment of state governors by the centre
  • Supreme court advisory jurisdiction
  • Single citizenship.

5) Constitution of Australia:

  • Concurrent list, freedom of trade and commerce.
  • A joint sitting of parliament in case of a deadlock.

6) Constitution of Ireland:

  • Directive principles of state policy
  • Method of election of the president
  • Nominating the member to Rajya sabha by president

7) Constitution of USSR (Russia):

  • Ideals of social and economic justice in the preamble.
  • Fundamental duties.

8) Constitution  of Germany:

  • Emergency and suspension of the fundamental right during an emergency.

9)Constitution of South Africa:

  • Producers of constitutional amendments.
  • Election of Rajya sabha member.

10) Constitution of France:

  • Concept of the Republic
  • Ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity in the preamble.

11) Constitution of Japan:

  • The procedure established by law.
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