Indus Valley Civilization

Indus River Valley Civilization Features

Indus river valley civilization is also called as ” Supreme civilization “. Indus valley located near Afghanistan and Pakistan countries. If flourished along with the basins of Indus River,  This Indus river flows through Pakistan and India. In this post, we are Providing notes on “Indus River Valley Civilization Features”. In this post, we mainly discuss the important points on the Indus valley civilization and the living style of the Indus valley people and their important constructions.

Keynotes about Indus Valley Civilization:

1. Indus River Valley Civilization Excavation:

  • Indus valley civilization existed from 2350BC to about 1750BC in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinents which are Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and areas of western UP.
  • In 1856 Alexander Cunningham who is director-general of the archaeology department of northern India visited Harappa civilization sites, where he met Sir John Marshall and William Brunton who are excavating and found some Harappan sites.
  • Later Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni who is an Indian archaeologist started excavating Harappan sites and he found Harappan seals.

Indus river valley civilization
Indus river valley civilization

2. Indus valley Homes:

  • Indus valley people built their homes with baked bricks. They made bricks and burnt them for hours so that they can get maximum strength.
  • If we look at photos taken by archaeologists we can say that they built homes one or two stories high with flat roofs and courtyards.
  • Each home having its private bathrooms and drinking water wells inside homes. And they made windows to observe outsiders.
  • Towns are divided into two parts and 2.Lower town. Citadels were occupied by members of the ruling.
  • They developed cities in the block pattern chessboard pattern because roads of these cities used to cut each other at right angles.

indus valley homes
Indus valley homes

3.Indus valley sewer system:

  • The main features of IVC(Indus valley civilization) were Town planning and Drainage system.
  • Indus valley people are one and only to construct well-planned Sewer or Drainage systems for the entire city.
  • All the Bathrooms in the city are connected with clay pipes that flows under the streets, these pipes are drained into near streams and rivers.
  • They not only drained wastewater, but they also made a separate system for fresh drinking water every home in the entire city.
  • Each house in the city even the smallest houses and corner houses in the city are connected to both “central drainage system” and ” freshwater system”.

4. Indus Valley Civilization Clothing: 

  • Indus valley people preferred colorful clothes. women’s wear gold ornaments and other jewelry made of precious stones and women’s used lipsticks.
  • From the Indus valley excavation, archaeologists found “a beautiful women statue wearing a bracelet.”

Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro
  • Men’s uses Caps and Headdresses, the basic costume of Indus valley people is a length of fabric cloth is a wrapper around the lower part and another type of fabric cloth with loose fittings is wore on the upper part of the body.

5. Indus Valley Civilization Entertainment:

  • They used to play Dicing, Gambling, Hunting, and Cockfighting.
  • A beautiful women dancer statue wearing a bracelet was found while excavating Indus valley.
  • Archaeologists found a Large Public swimming pool, maybe it was used for religious ceremonies. Around this Large swimming pools, separate dressing rooms are constructed both for males and females.
  • Music is always a Divine activity, even the Hindhu goddess “Saraswathi” who holds a musical instrument. They have special interests in Music, they used Tabla, Veena, and Tambora musical instruments for entertainment.

6. Indus Valley Civilization Arts and Culture:

  • Indus valley civilization people made their Seals with steatite stones.

Indus Valley Seals (Swastikas)
  • The number of Gold, terracotta and some stone figurines shows that they have great skills in sculpturing in statutes.
  • Terracotta figurines also include animals like cows, dogs, monkeys, and bears.
  • Paintings such as cave paintings are great artworks of Indus valley people.
  • They have Knowledge in Art of writing.

7. Indus Valley Trade and Transports:

  • They have maintained foreign trade with Egypt and Arab countries.
  • Indus valley civilization is the first civilization that used Wheeled transportation.
  • They made Bullock carts for transporting and trades.

8. Indus Valley Religion:

  • Indus people worshiped ” Great male god” and “Mother of Goddess”
  • Archaeologists found “Pashupati seal” that figured with Lord Shiva and surrounded by different animals.
  • Swastika seals are found while excavating Indus valley civilization.

terracotta figurines from indus valley civilzation

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