International Boundary Lines

International Boundary Lines

International boundary lines are which separates two or more countries that sharing their border. These International boundary lines having different names according to their countries history. The Rad cliff line is the Boundary line between India and Pakistan borders because the British government appointed Sir Cyril Rad cliff for Commission. There are 4 Boundary lines between India and Pakistan.

List Of Important International Boundary Lines:

S.No Boundary Line
Between Countries
1 Rad cliff line India & Pakistan
2 24” parallel line India & Pakistan
3 Line of Control- India & Pakistan India & Pakistan
4 Sircreek(controversy line)- India & Pakistan India & Pakistan
5 Mac Mohan line India & China
6 Line of actual control (LOC) India & China
7 Hidden berg line
Germany & Poland
8 Maginot line
Germany & France
9 Gaja strip
Israel & Palestrina
10 17’ parallel line
North Vietnam & South Vietnam
11 49th parallel line USA & Canada
12 Durand line
Pakistan & Afghanistan
13 38th parallel line
North Korea and South Korea

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