Lothal Civilization Features

Lothal Civilization Features Notes:

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In this post we are Providing notes on “Lothal Civilization Features”. In this post we discuss the Origin of Lothal Civilization and the living style of Lothal people. We focus on the important constructions, their culture and their Religious Interests. This notes will be useful for job aspirants , who are preparing for Groups,Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Police jobs in telangana state.This notes will definitely helps to you get perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

1.This site was located by SR Rao in 1957 in Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat.
2.It is also called as ‘Limriko’ or ‘Mini Harappa’ or ‘Acropolis’ or ‘Walled City’.
3.It was located on the banks of Bhogava and Sabarmati River in Ahmednagar (Gujarat).
4.This site was a “Port City”, a dockyard has been found at Lothal.
5.Red and black clay pots, copper tools, brick built tank like structure, a bead making factory and a seal from Iron Have been found at lothal.
6.Evidence of Rice cultivation was found here (other sites were Amri & Rangpur)
7.Maritime activities were conducted from have with Mesopotamia civilization.
8.Suspect of “Sati” was found here.
9.Evidence of “Chess” was found here.
10.“Persian Gulf” seal was found here.
11.A seal with a cleaver fox found from which Vishnu Sharma took spirit of Panchantantra.
12.Circular button seal of Mesopotamia was found here.
13.Linear Scale of bronze has been found here.
14.They used Horses for Transportation.
15.Foreign trading was done in this site.
16.Terracotta figurines of mother goddess are not found here.

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