Nobel Prizes 2016- Awards & Honors

Nobel Prizes 2016- Awards & Honors:

Dear Telangna Aspirants,

In this post we are Providing notes on “Nobel Prizes 2016- Awards & Honors”. Nobel Prizes 2016- Awards & Honors. Nobel prize is the Prestigious award which is given in Different fields for their excellence in work. type of questions are recently asked in Telangana TSPSC exams. So guys please go through this Indian forests post and make some notes.This notes will be useful for job aspirants , who are preparing for Groups,Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Police jobs in telangana state.This notes will definitely helps to you get perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

1. Yoshinori Ohsumi of japan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his pioneering work on Autophagy.
(Autophagy is a process whereby cells “ eat themselves “. It is first observed by Belgian scientist christian de Duve and he had won Nobel Medicine prize in 1974 for it.)

2.British scientists David Thouless, F Duncan M Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz have won the Nobel in Physics for the researches on theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter. Topology is a branch of mathematics involving step-wise changes like making a series of holes in an object.

3.Scientists Jean-Pierre sauvage (france), J Fraser stoddart(Britain) and Bernard L Feringa (Netherlands) have won the prestigious Nobel prize in chemistry.
They have done developing molecular machines or nanomachines are the world’s smallest machines

4.Nobel peace prize- Juan Manuel Santos( Colombian President)

5.Nobel Memorial prize in economic sciences- Oliver Hart & Bengt Holmstrom

6. Nobel prize in literature- Bob Dylan( American Singer & Writer )

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