Lothal Civilization Features

lothal civilization

Lothal Civilization Features Notes: Dear Telangna Aspirants, In this post we are Providing notes on “Lothal Civilization Features”. In this post we discuss the Origin of Lothal Civilization and the living style of Lothal people. We focus on the important constructions, their culture and their Religious Interests. This notes will be useful for job aspirants … Read more

Indus River Valley Civilization Features

Indus River Valley Civilization

Indus River Valley Civilization Features: Dear Telangana Aspirants, Indus river valley civilization is also called as ” Supreme civilization “. Indus valley located near Afghanistan and Pakistan countries. If flourished along with the basins of Indus River,  This Indus river flows through Pakistan and India. In this post we are Providing notes on “Indus River … Read more

Harappa Civilization: Important Facts to Remember in 2020

Harappa civilization

Harappa civilization is one of the most important civilizations in the world. Harappa civilization is a part of Indus valley civilizations. Harappa city is located near Punjab, Pakistan. This city is named after a modern village name which is located near Ravi River. This ancient Harappa civilization comes under the Bronze-Age Civilizations. James Lewis who … Read more

Harappa Civilization Sites and Excavators

Harappa Civilization Sites and Excavators

Harappan sites are located near Punjab, Pakistan. These Harappan sites are named after a modern village which is located near Ravi River. Harappan sites are ancient cities in Bronze age civilizations. Harappa civilization sites are part of the Indus valley civilizations. From Harappan sites excavations, Famous Harappan seals are found, which gives information about Harappan … Read more

Indian Constitution Sources

Indian Constitution Sources

Indian Constitution Sources are from Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Germany, South Africa, France and japan constitutions. Indian constitution sources are taken from Different countries constitution. Committees are appointed to find the best articles and amendments by studying other countries constitutions. Drafting committees is managed by Dr B.R.Ambedkar and the other six members. In … Read more

Indian constitution Committees and their chairpersons

Indian constitution Committees

Indian constitution Committees are set up to Analyse and research different possibilities to develop best articles in the Constitution of India. Dr B.R. Ambedkar designed Constitution of India which is also called as “Supreme Law of India “. Dr B. R. Ambedkar is also called as ” Chief architect of Indian Constitution “. Constitution of … Read more