Five Year Plans of India (1951-2017)

five year plans of india

The Indian economy has been developing from the starting stage of Five-year plans or Assessment plans in India. These five-year plans of India target different sectors in each plan and tries to improve their sector growth to the targeted growth rate level. This five-year plans of India we achieved up to 8% of GDP growth … Read more

Telangana Dance Forms

Telangana Dance forms

We’ve mentioned a list of all Telangana dance forms performed by Telangana tribal people and also the Telangana Folk dances are famous all over India. Perini shivatandavam folk dance in Telangana is famous all over India, it has a unique way of praising Lord Shiva and performed with Great Zeal. As you know that Telangana … Read more

40 Important Objectives about Festivals Of Telangana

Telangana Festivals

Telangana festivals are best-celebrated festivals in entire India. Telangana festivals have a very unique way of celebrating festivals. There are a lot of emotions and expressions of love, peace and joy are mixed in Telangana festivals. In this article, we mainly focus on Various questions that are asked recently in Telangana Public service exams on … Read more

Projects under Godavari river in Telangana

Telangana Irrigation Projects on Godavari river

Projects under Godavari river in Telangana Notes: Dear Telangna Aspirants, In this post am giving notes on Projects under Godavari river in Telangana.In this Post we mainly discuss on the Different projects that are constructed on Godavari River in Telangana state. As we know that Godavari and Krishna Rivers are Main water sources for Telangana.This … Read more

Telangana Irrigation Hrms Projects on Krishna River

Telangana Irrigation hrms Projects on Krishna River

Telangana Irrigation Hrms Projects on Krishna River Notes: Dear Telangana Aspirants,         Telangana irrigation Hrms projects on Krishna river, there are 17 medium and small irrigation projects on Krishna river flows through telangana state. Recently telangana government started mission kakatiya project, the main intention of mission kakatiya is restoring all lakes, tanks … Read more

Telangana Social Welfare Development

Telangana social welfare development

Telangana social welfare development has been increased after the Telangana government started. From the economy of Telangana state we can conclude that economy of Telangana state has been improved from 2014 to 2017, there’s a drastic change in the socio-economic outlook of Telangana state. From the Telangana economic survey 2016 the following results are obtained … Read more