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Telangana social welfare development has been increased after the Telangana government started. From the economy of Telangana state we can conclude that economy of Telangana state has been improved from 2014 to 2017, there’s a drastic change in the socio-economic outlook of Telangana state. From the Telangana economic survey 2016 the following results are obtained in Telangana state. These points are referred from Telangana economy books and from the results of the Telangana economic survey.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

1. Literacy in Telangana :
The literacy rate of the state is 66.46% has 207.84 lakhs of which 117.49 lakhs are males and 9035 lakhs are females in 2011 as against 58% in 2001. The literacy rate of the state is lower than that of all India literacy rate of 72.99%. The rank of the state is 25 among the states in 2011. The adult literacy rate for the state of Telangana is 73.7% and stands at 21st position among the states in 2011-2012.

2.School education in Telangana :
Elementary education in India is brought under the “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” which seeks to universalize elementary education. Similarly, secondary education has been brought under the flagship program “Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan(RMSA)”. Telangana state achieved 99% success at elementary schools and 91.5% at the secondary level by setting up schools in accordance with the parameters.

3.Dropouts in Telangana Govt schools:
This the biggest challenge that requires attention, while trying to achieve universal access to education is the retention of children. Data shows that the dropout rate for Telangana is 22.32% at the primary (Class I-V) level alone and 38.21% at the secondary level (Class I-X)

4.Mid-day Meal scheme in Telangana:
Telangana government introduced a new scheme for school dropouts, which is Mid-day meal scheme. in this Telangana social welfare development scheme Government providing Afternoon meals for students. This is scheme is continued in the Summer holidays. Over 30.44 lakh students were covered under the Mid-day meal scheme during 2014-15.

5. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan:
This scheme aims at providing useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the age group of 6 to 14. This scheme intends to bridge social, regional and gender gaps, with the active participation of the community in the management of schools with a funding pattern of 65:35 for the year 2014-15.

6.Accredited social health activist(ASHA):
This program is a key component of the community process. Accredited social health activists will take steps to the community on maternal & child health activities. ASHA also creates awareness to the community on nutrition, basic sanitation and hygienic practices, healthy living and working condition, information on existing health services.

7.Janani Suraksha Yojana(JSY) scheme:
Janani Suraksha Yojana scheme is a cash incentive to pregnant women under the BPL category to promote deliveries in public institutions including home deliveries in rural and urban areas. 99,674 beneficiaries are covered from April to December 2014.

8.Janani Shishu Suraksha karyakram(JSSK):
This scheme is aimed at providing free cashless deliveries and care to sick newborns until one year after birth at all public health institutions.75,402 pregnant women were benefited from April to December 2014.

9.Rashtriya Kishore swasthya karyakram(RKSK):
The government of India have launched Rashtriya Kishor swasthya karyakram in the state during the year 2014-15 to provide exclusive health care and counseling services for adolescent boys and girls of 10-19 years of age. A total number of 185 adolescent-friendly health clinics/ Yuva clinics have been established in the state during 2014-15.

10.Tribal health services:
The tribal populations are mainly covered in Khammam, Warangal, and Adilabad districts. govt provided mobile health services units in tribal areas.

11.Swine flu treatment:
Institute of preventive medicine (IPM) narayanaguda and fever hospital nallakunta. govt provided swine flu wards and medicines such as tablets and syrups are available.

12.Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme(MGNREGS) in Telangana:
MGNREGS is being implemented in 8880-gram panchayats in 443mandals of 9 districts in the state. About 55lakh job cards were issued covering 1.3crore wage seekers since the inception of the scheme. About 3.6lakhs srama shakti sanghas have been formed with 29.7 lakhs households covering 64 lakh wage seekers.

13.Aarogyasri scheme:
This Aarigyasri scheme is for all health initiatives of the state govt with a mission to proved quality healthcare to the poor as defined by the civil supplies department of the government of the state. The aim of the gov is to achieve “Health for all”

14.Telangana Palle Pragathi Project:
This Telangana palle pragathi scheme aims at rural development and focusses on enabling the platforms of the poor to achieve “Inclusive growth” by giving livelihood opportunities and quality of life. the estimated project is Rs642 crores with the govt share of Rs192crore and Rs450crore funded by world bank. This is a 5years project which starts from February 2015 to February 2020.

15.Stree Nidhi:
This Stree Nidhi scheme has earned a unique place in delivering credit to poor, presiding timely and appropriate credit. It is proposed to finance Rs 1100crores during the year 2015-16. There are 436 mandal Mahila samakhyas of SHG’s in association with govt of Telangana.

16.Mana Wardu-Mana Pattanam- Mana Pranalika:
In this scheme ward sabhas were conducted in all the ULB’s involving all population is spread across 68 urban local bodies consisting of 6 corporations and 37 municipalities of all grades and 25 Nagar panchayats.

17. Swachha Hyderabad:
Swachha Hyderabad is a joint mission activity of swachha Bharat. The main aim of this mission is to make Clean&Green in Hyderabad. This was started by K.Chandrasekhar Rao.

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