Major industries in Asia

Major Industries in Asia

Major Industries in Asia are Electronics, Automotive, textile, engineering, shipbuilding, Marines, Wool, drugs, chemicals are famous. East Asia is one of the world’s fast leading manufacturing unit. Almost all electrical, electronic gadgets and appliances are manufactured in Asia’s market. Japan and China’s market is Large in the whole world. China and Japan are most famous for electronics gadgets and Automotive, Robotics. In this post, we are Providing notes on Major Industries in Asia, which is a Major Industrial source for the world, in this post, we discuss on different countries that have Major Industrial sectors and the product that is famous for.

List Of Major Industries in Asia:

City Country Famous for
Tokyo Japan
Electrical instruments
Yokohama Japan
precision instruments
Kawasaki Japan
marine engineering & cement
Chiba Japan Japan Iron and steel
Osaka Japan Japan
Textiles(Manchester of Japan)
Nagoya Japan Japan
Automobiles (Detroit of Japan)
Kyoto Japan Japan
Handicrafts & toys
Nagasaki Japan Shipbuilding
Manchuria China
Heavy engineering
Shansi-Paotow China Coalfield
Shanghai China Cotton textiles
Lanchow China
Chemicals & Textiles
Kunming China
Chemicals, Machinery & Textiles
Pohang South Korea Iron & Steel
Kolkata India
Mumbai India
Ahmedabad India
Coimbatore India
Silk, sugar, cotton, and textiles
Nagpur India
Iron ore,copper,mica,bauxite,manganese,dolomite
Delhi India
Petroleum refinery, drugs, and Pharmaceuticals


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