List of Books on India’s Freedom struggle by freedom fighters of India

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We’ve provided a list of Books on India’s Freedom struggle which were wrote by famous Indian freedom fighters during British rule. Whether it’s a freedom fight or revolution writings make a big change. India has been under British Government rule over 200 years, in this era most of the famous writers dedicated their life to motivate people to fight against the British government with their writings/books. This notes will be useful for job aspirants , who are preparing for Groups,Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Police jobs in telangana state.This notes will definitely helps to you get perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

List of Books on India’s Freedom struggle

     Book                                      Author

1.Vande mataram –  Aurobindo ghosh
2.New lamps for old– Aurobindo ghosh
3.Bhawani mandir– Aurobindo ghosh
4.Hind swarajMahatma Gandhi
5.GoraRabindranath tagore
6.Ghare baiyre– Rabindranath tagore
7.Discovery of IndiaJ.L.Nehru
8.Essays in Indian economics– MG Ranade
9.Rise of the Maratha powerMG Ranade
10.Artic home of the Vedas– B.G.Tilak
11.Geeta rahasyaB.G.Tilak
12.Poverty and unbritish rule in IndiaDada Bhai Nauroji
13.We or our nationhood definedM.S. Golwalkar
14.Durgesh nandini– Bankim Chandra chatterjee
15.Bang darshanBankim Chandra chatterjee
16.Anand math– Bankim Chandra chatterjee
17.Indian musalmansMN Roy
18.Economic history of British in India–  RC Dutt
19.The Indian struggleSubhash Chandra bose
20.Indian musalmans– Hunter
21.Gana devtaTarashankar bandhopadhyaya
22.Philosophy of the bombBhagwati charan vohra
23.Why socialism– jaiprakash narayan
24.Gandhi versus lenin– SA Dange
25.Problem of the east– lord Curzon
26.Neel darpan– Deen bandhu mitra
27.India today– RP dutt
28.Indian wins freedomAbul kalam azad
29.Thakurmar jholi– DM Majumdar
30.Indian unrest– valentine chitol
31.Prachya aur pashchatyaswami dayandha
32.Nibandhmala– Vishnu Krishna chiplunkar
33.Gau karunanidhi– swami dayandha
34.Letters from Russia– Rabindranath tagore
35.Wither India– J.L.Nehru
36.Soviet Asia – J.L.Nehru
37.Pather debi– Rabindranath tagore
38.History of Hindu chemistry– PC Rai
39.Peasantry of Bengal– RC Dutt

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