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Telangana Bathukamma Festival Notes:

Dear Telangana Aspirants,

Telangana Bathukamma Festival is colourful floral festival of Telangana culture celebrated by Telangana women. In Previous post we discussed about ” Bathukamma Festival History“. In this post we focus on complete information about Telangana bathukamma festival from starting stage of preparation to immersion into lakes. Telangana Bathukamma festival became telangana cultural identity.

Bathukamma festival Season:

  • Telangana Bathukamma festival celebrated during half monsoon before the onset of winter. Usually in September/Octobers monsoon rains comes with plenty of water in lakes and rivers in telangana. This is also a perfect time for flowers bloom in different exotic colours.
  • The most available flowers in this season are ” Gunuka flowers ” and ” Tangedu flowers“. Other flowers like Chamanthi, banthi, nandi vardana flowers also largely available in this season.
  • Sithaphalalu or Custard apple fruits are largely available fruits in this season. There is Corn Jonna and Mokkajonna are waiting to be harvested in this season.
  • Bathukamma festivals begins a week before ” Saddula Bathukamma festival” which is also called Grand final celebration of Bathukamma festival it falls exactly two days before Dassehra Festival.

Preparation of Bathukamma:

  • Telangana Bathukamma festivals starts with making small bathukamma’s for one week by telangana women in their house. For first five days women cleans their courtyards with cow dung mixed with water.
  • Women in villages make cone shaped Bathukamma with cow dungs for first five days and places in their courtyard. Men in houses gathered to goes for collecting different flowers that are needed to prepare bathukamma.
  • They collect flowers from wild forests Celosia (గునుగు), Tanner’s Cassia (తంగెడు), Marigold (బంతి), Chrysanthemum (చామంతి), Indian Lotus (తామెర పువ్వు), Cucurbita (గుమ్మడి పువ్వు), Cucumis (దోస పువ్వు), Ipomoea (కట్ల), Luffa (బీర పువ్వు), Tridax (గడ్డి పువ్వు), Ajwain (వా పువ్వు) these flowers blooms in this season.
  • Setting up a Bathukamma is a traditional art of telangana. Telangana women begin making Bathukamma after afternoon. They cut the blooms leaving the little length base, some plunge Gunugu (Celosia) blossoms, some scented and arranged them on a wide plate called “Thambalam” spread with enormous leaves, and stack them in shape of hill, filling the cone with leaves and stems of the bloom stalks, enriched with a Lotus or Pumpkin Flower on top of the stack alongside Gouramma (a symbol of Gowri idol made of turmeric). These arrangements are so designed that after drowning bathukamma in lakes it flows for sometime.

The Ritual of Bathukamma Festival:

  • For Nine days of Bathukamma festival celebrations in evening times women’s and young girls dress colourfully in telangana traditional manners and gathered in local open areas with their bathukamma’s and places their bathukamma’s in centre of the ground.
  • All women’s and young girls forms as circle around bathukamma’s and starts singing bathukamma songs by clapping their hands in rhythmic manner and revolves around the bathukamma’s. This circle formation gives splendorous traditional looks to bathukamma festival.
  • Women seeks for Good health, prosperity and happiness to their families by praising various gods by singing different songs. The most famous in Bathukamma festival is “ బతుకమ్మ బతుకమ్మ ఉయ్యాలో బంగారు బతుకమ్మ ఉయ్యాలో “.

9 Days of Bathukamma Festival:

Each day has a separate name and it signifies the importance of day. Women’s prepare different types of  ” Naivedyam” to worship Gods. The preparations of Naivedyam’s are so simple, mainly the young girls are more involved into preparations and Bathukamma festival. The following are list of names for each day and naivedyam’s offered in that days.

  • Engili Pula Bathukamma ( ఎంగిలిపూల బతుకమ్మ ):  

    1.The first day of Bathukamma festivals falls on ” Mahalaya Amavasya” which also have different  name in Telangana region as ” Pethara Amavasya“.

    2. Naivedyam/ Food Prepared : Nuvvulu(Sesame seeds) with biyyampindi(rice flour) or nookalu(coarsely ground wet rice).

  • Atkula Bathukamma ( అటుకుల బతుకమ్మ ):

    1.The second day is called Atkula bathukamma, falls on the Padyami(first day) of Ashwayuja masam.

    2.Naivedyam/ Food Prepared : Sappidi pappu(Bland boiled lentils), bellam(jaggery), and atkulu (flattened parboiled rice)

  • Muddapappu Bathukamma (ముద్దపప్పు బతుకమ్మ ):

    1. The third day of Bathukamma falls on Vidiya/second day of Ashwayuja masam.

    2. Naivedyam/ Food Prepared: muddapappu (softened boiled lentils), milk and bellam(jaggery)

  • Nanabiyyam Bathukamma( నానబియ్యం బతుకమ్మ ):

    1.The fourth day falls on thidiya/third day of Ashwayuja masam.

    2. Naivedyam/ Food Prepared: nananesina biyyam(wet rice), milk, and bellam(jaggery)

  • Atla Bathukamma ( అట్ల బతుకమ్మ ):

    1. The fifth day falls on the chathurdi/fourth day of Ashwayuja masam.

    2.Naivedyam/ Food Prepared: uppidi pindi atlu( pan cakes made from wheatlets), or Dosa

  • Aligina Bathukamma (అలిగిన బతుకమ్మ ):

    1.The sixth day falls on the panchami/fifth day of Ashwayuja masam. No food offering is made.

  • Vepakayala Bathukamma (వేపకాయల బతుకమ్మ ):

    1.The seventh day falls on the sashti/sixth day of Ashwayuja masam.

    2.Naivedyam/ Food Prepared: rice flour shaped into the fruits of neem tree is deepfried.

  • Vennamuddala Bathukamma (వెన్నముద్దల  బతుకమ్మ ):

    1.The eight day falls on sapthami/seventh day of Ashwayuja masam.

    2.Naivedyam/ Food Prepared: nuvvulu(sesame), Venna(Butter) or ghee(clarified butter), and bellam(jaggery)

  • Saddula Bathukamma ( సద్దుల బతుకమ్మ ):

    1.The ninth day of bathukamma is celebrated on ashtami/eight day of Ashwayuja masam, and coincides with Durgashtami.

    2.Naivedyam/ Food Prepared : Five types of cooked rice dishes: perugannam saddi(curd rice), chinthapandu pulihora saddi(tamarind rice), nimmakaya saddi(lemon rice), kobbara saddi(coconut rice) and nuvvula saddi(sesame rice)

5. Immersion of Bathukamma:

On final day of bathukamma festival celebrations women’s slowly immerse their bathukamma’s into Lakes. After the immersion they share sweet called ” Maleeda” which is prepared by sugar with corn bread with other and family member’s. They return their houses with Empty ” Thambalam’s” they also immerse ” Bodemma” idol of Gowri Goddess which is made up of Turmeric into the lakes which helps lake water to retain their freshness.

The flowers which are used in arranging Bathukamma have great quality of Healing and cleaning the water in lakes and rivers. This is the main reason for celebration of Bathukamma festival which helps environment to heal itself.


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