Telangana Irrigation Hrms Projects on Krishna River

Telangana Irrigation Hrms Projects on Krishna River Notes:

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        Telangana irrigation Hrms projects on Krishna river, there are 17 medium and small irrigation projects on Krishna river flows through telangana state. Recently telangana government started mission kakatiya project, the main intention of mission kakatiya is restoring all lakes, tanks and other water storing areas in telangana state villages. Telangana irrigation Hrms department has been working very effectively to give better results on best usage of rain water and restoring water in drained lakes and tanks in telangana villages.

          From telangana irrigation Hrms projects map we can see that there is drastic change of water levels on lakes and other water storing areas, these good results are due to the mission kakatiya project. Recently irrigation hrms , drip irrigation and irrigation department telangana released notification jobs in telangana irrigation Hrms department. In this post am giving notes on “Telangana Irrigation Hrms Projects on Krishna River. In this post we discuss on the different Telangana Irrigation Hrms Projects on Krishna River Projects (or) Dams in Telangana State. This Telangana Irrigation Projects on Krishna River notes will focus on the Water sources of Telangana state.This notes will be useful for job aspirants , who are preparing for Groups,Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Police jobs in telangana state.This notes will definitely helps to you get perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

Here are the Points to be Noted:

1. Jurala project– Jurala dam located at near Kaurvapur, Mahabubnagar(District). Jurala project distance from hyderabad is 171km. Jurala Project full reservoir level is 1045 ft and full storage capacity of jurala project is 12 TMC. Jurala dam current water level of Average inflow is 37 cusecs.

2.Nagarjuna sagar project–  Nagarjuna sagar locate at Nalgonda District, Telangana and it flows through Guntur District, Andhrapradesh. Nagarjuna sagar distance from hyderabad is around 155 km.Construction duration is 1955 to 1967. Nagarjuna sagar dam has a storage capacity of 11.472 billion cubic metres. And it’s height is 490ft and 1.6kms long with 26 flood gates to release the flood water to downward areas.

3.Sangameswar canals–  sangameswar canals are located at alampur,mahabubnagar and Karnool Districts. It’s a famous piligrimage place because bothe Thungabadhra and Bhavanasi rivers joins in krishna river. There famous temple for Lord Shiva which is called ” Sangameswaram temple”.

4.Nettampadu project(jawahar)-  Nettampadu project located at Upperu village,Mahabubnagar (District). Nettampadu project total static head is 29.64 Meters. It has storage capacity of 20 TMC.

5.Kalwakurthy (Rajiv Gandhi lift irrigation project)– kalwakurthy lift irrigation scheme is located at Mahabubnagar District. It uses back waters from Srisailam left canal banks.It has utilising capacity of 25 TMC. Kalwakurthy Project static head is 280.31 meters. 

6. Osman sagar (or) Gandipet project– Rangareddy (Musi river) : Osman sagar project which is also known as Gandipet project which is located in Rangareddy district Telangana. It has total water level of 1790 fts. Osman sagar has storage capacity of 3.9 TMC/Ft. Osman sagar project water level in 2016 is 1754.360 fts.

7. Himayat sagar reservoir– Rangareddy (Musi river): Himayat sagar project is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Which lies exactly parallel to the Osman sagar project. Himayat sagar project storage capacity is 2.9 TMC/ft. Himayat sagar water level in 2016 is 1734.700 fts.

8. Kadem project– Kadem project is located near Nirmal, Adilabad on Kadem River.  Kadem project height is 102ft and it has total capaciity of 215,800,000m3.

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9. Alisagar lift irrigation project– Ali sagar lift irrigation project is loacated 20kms from Nizamabad District. it has a storage capacity of 2.9 TMC. 

10. Alimineti Madhava Reddy irrigation project (srishailam left) –  Alimineti madhava reddy irrigation project which earlier known as “Srisailam left bank canal ” which is located inn nalgonda district.It has 3000 cusecs of capacity.

11. Dhummagudem Irrigation Project– Dhummagudem irriigation project is located near khammam District, telangana. dhummagudem project has storage capacity of 20 TMC.

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12. Sri Komaram bheem irrigation project– Sri komaram bheem irrigation project is built across Peddavagu River which is located in Ada village in Adilabad District. This project has lenght of 1012 meters and 18 meters of Height.

13. Koilsagar lift irrigation–  Koilsagar lift irrigation project is located near Devarakadra mandal in Mahabubnagar District. It has storage capacity of 2.276 TMC.

14 Gundlavagu Project–  Gundlavagu project is built across Gundla vagu river near Pragalapally villlage in khammam district. Length of this gundla vagu project is 508m and its height is 51m

15.Kinnerasani project– Kineerasani project is built across Kinnerasani River near Yanmbail village, Paloncha mandal of Khammam District. Total storage capacity kinnerasani project is 8.4 TMC.

16.Lower manair dam– Lowen Manair project is built across the Manair River, at Alugunur village, Thimmapur mandal, Karimnagar. Total lenght of Lower manair dam is 10,741 meters. Lower manair dam has storage capacity of 680,137,000 m3.

17. Pocharam dam reservoir– Pocharam reservoir project is located near 14.6kms from medak and it is built across Manjira River.


Region      Catchment Area     Cultivable land     Irrigated Area
Andhra          31.5%               62.5%             76.72%
Telangana     68.5%               37.5%               24%

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