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We’ve mentioned a list of all Telangana dance forms 2019 performed by Telangana tribal people and also the Telangana Folk dances are famous all over India. Perini shivatandavam folk dance in Telangana is famous all over India, it has a unique way of praising Lord Shiva and performed with Great Zeal.

As you know that Telangana folk dance related questions were asked in recent Telangana  TSPSC competitive exams.  So we’re providing a complete of details about the “Telangana Dances forms 2019“. In this topic we discuss on the Different traditional dances in Telangana state, we know that Telangana state has more tribal areas. In tribal areas Traditional dance forms are famous. This notes will be useful for job aspirants, who are preparing for Groups, Tspsc exams, AEE’s and Police jobs in Telangana state. This notes will definitely help you get a perfect score in the Telangana(TSPSC) exams.

List of Telangana Folk Dances Forms:

1.Rela Relare Dance( రేలాట)- Mannem Near Bhadrachalam

2.Mayuri dance(మయూరి)- Khammam tribal areas.

3.Gusadi dance(గుసడి)-

  • Gusadi dance is performed by “Raj Gonds” in Adilabad tribals(Gondulu)
  • They perform this dance on the celebration of “Diwali” festival, other Gonds groups also join with Raj Gonds they are called “Dandari Dance groups
  • This festival starts on full moon day and ends with the 14th day of dark-night of Diwali.

4.Perini Shivatandavam(పేరిణి శివతాండవం)-

  •  It is also called as ” Perini Tandavam” which was originated in Warangal during Kakatiya Dynasty.
  • The Other name of Perini Shivatandam dance form is “ Dance of warriors” which is strictly performed by males. Warriors before going to battlefield all soldiers praise Lord Shiva by performing Perini shivatandam dance form.

5. Tolu Bommalata(తోలు బొమ్మలాట)-

  • Tholu bommalata is also called as ” Shadow Puppet ” tradition in Both Andhrapredesh and Telangana areas. A group of people passes through every village to trade their arts and crafts perform tolu bommalata.
  • Tolu bommalata means, they design leather puppets with threads to control puppets action. Usually, they use goat skin for making puppets.
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6. Dappu natakam(డప్పు నాటకం)- Telangana Areas.

7. Chindu Bhagavatam( చిందు నాటకం)

  • Chindu Bhagavatam is performed by SC (Madiga) community. They have not permitted to perform their dance form in outside, but the things are changed now, chindu Bhagavatam was originated in Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Medak, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda.
  • In this dance form, it starts with ” Jamba Puranam “

8. Lambadi Dance( లంబాడి)

  • Lambadi dance is performed by Banjara Telangana Tribals.
  • It mainly consists of Planting, Harvesting and sowing activities. Lambadi dance forms are performed by females only, males operate music instruments and drummers.

9. Burra Katha( బుర్ర కథ):

  • Burra Katha was originated in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh in 1942. The main idea of creating Burra Katha is to spread political awareness and social awareness to the illiterate people in Villages.
  • Burra Katha team consists of one main performer and other tow co-performers. They narrate Hindu stories, social stories, moral stories, and jokes.

10. Oggu Katha(ఒగ్గు కథ)- Telangana.

  • Oggu Katha is a folk tradition of singing and narrating stories of Hindu Gods, Oggu Katha was originated in Yadav’s and Kurma communities.
  • They narrate stories of Mallanna, Beerappa, and Yellamma gods.

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